Thursday, January 04, 2007


Cindy Sheehan's Comeback Tour

Remember the good ol’ days when whenever Cindy Sheehan uttered a sound, it was front page news? It was Page One material such as this from the Washington Post in 2005:

“CRAWFORD, Tex., Aug. 12 -- Cindy Sheehan vaulted into national consciousness this month on the power of her story as the grieving mother of a fallen soldier.” Cindy Sheehan's Pitched Battle

Of course, back then she was pinging on George Bush so she was entitled to a fawning and acquiescent press (which is the only way for her to have “vaulted into national consciousness”).

Well, times change and now she’s pinging on the new Democratic leadership…which you might only be aware of had you had the fortitude to read all the way to paragraph eight in today’s Page A02 Dana Milbank article entitled In the House, Suddenly Righteous Republicans.

“House Democratic leaders were giving their first news conference of the year when the session in the Cannon building was hijacked by Cindy Sheehan and other antiwar demonstrators, some wearing tie-dyed apparel and pins comparing President Bush to Adolf Hitler. Just after Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-Ill.) vowed, "We're gonna cut the interest rate in half for student loans," hecklers began to chant "De-escalate! Investigate! Troops home now!"

"That is exactly what we're talking about," Emanuel said, trying to appease the protesters. But the hecklers kept chanting, and he fled.

“The Democratic leaders in retreat, Sheehan seized the microphone. "We put them back in power," she said of the Democrats. Passing out fliers calling for defunding the Iraq war, Sheehan shouted: "These are our demands. And they're not requests -- they're demands."

Have the Democrats forgotten that Ms. Sheehan’s moral authority is "absolute"?

"Bipartisanship is another name for date rape," to quote a popular aphorism amongst House Republicans.

They forgot how America works. You don't ignore and marginalize the representatives of HALF the country.

Now, thanks to the pioneering idiocy of the 109th congress, we have to look at the Dems giving it right back to us.

I know, Cindy Sheehan blah blah. But I clicked your link. It's not what the article was about. All the conservative bloggers who link there ignore that.
uhh thank you "anonymous"...I know what the story was about - my point is that had the roles been reversed and Cindy was haranguing Republicans while Dems complained, the lead would have been all about Cindy.
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