Monday, January 08, 2007


But how does this help someone get an abortion?

Scientists See Potential In Amniotic Stem Cells

“A type of cell that floats freely in the amniotic fluid of pregnant women has been found to have many of the same traits as embryonic stem cells, including an ability to grow into brain, muscle and other tissues that could be used to treat a variety of diseases, scientists reported yesterday.”


“The new cells are adding credence to an emerging consensus among experts that the popular distinction between embryonic and "adult" stem cells -- those isolated from adult bone marrow and other organs -- is artificial.”

Of course, we all know this is rubbish and that embryonic stem cell research is where it’s at. Just ask someone from Harvard:

George Daley, a Harvard stem cell researcher, echoed that sentiment. "They are not a replacement for embryonic stem cells," he said.”

The article doesn't give a hint as to why his assertion is true but, just guessing, could it be because embryonic stem cell research – unlike those involving “adult” and “fetal” (or amniotic) stem cells - uniquely offers corollary support for abortion rights?

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