Sunday, January 28, 2007


And can you guess where the Post stands on these issues?

Two stories from the same week:

Tens of thousands of abortion opponents marched through melting snow on the Mall yesterday and vowed to work harder -- since Democrats have taken control of the Capitol -- to overturn the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion in 1973.” Abortion Foes to Renew Efforts

“Under a blue sky with a pale midday moon, tens of thousands of people angry about the war and other policies of the Bush administration danced, sang, shouted and chanted their opposition.” Thousands Protest Bush Policy

Guess which one gets the Front Page treatment and which one got Page A10. If you need more than one guess then you’re probably not even a casual reader of the Washington Post.

Remember also they're not just abortion foes but opposed to abortion "rights." (Yes that's the way the Post officially frames the issue.)
From the linked article.

Democrats say their goal is to find a political compromise, an approach echoed yesterday by some abortion rights advocates.

Of course they're the ones looking for compromise because they're the reasonable ones ...
I can't think of one Democrat with any national aspiration who wants "compromise" because they've already got Roe - compromise is political suicide for a Democrat but...but if they are serious they could drop the Roe litmus test for SC nominees even if that leads to letting state legislatures decide the issue.
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