Thursday, December 14, 2006


Straight reporting on an "injured" Tom Delay

House Win Adds Insult to Injury for DeLay

Nice spin by reliable Democratic spinmeisters Sylvia Moreno and Chris Cillizza…who also happen to write for the Washington Post.

“Former congressman Ciro Rodriguez's victory in a House runoff election Tuesday in Texas not only allowed Democrats to pick up their 30th seat of the 2006 elections but served as a final rebuke to one of the architects of the Republican House majority: Tom DeLay.”

The Post writers provide this piece of the timeline:

“He was forced to resign as House majority leader after his indictment by a grand jury in Travis County, Tex., in connection with the alleged funneling of illegal corporate contributions into state legislative races.”

…leaving out the salient point that it was notorious Democratic hit man, Ronnie Earle who got the indictment, playing to the Republican (not Congressional) rule that required leadership to step down under indictment (in other words - had he been a Dem, he would not have been “forced” to step down). They also ignored the fact that parts of that indictment have been tossed. Here is an especially astute analysis of the (non) case against Mr. Delay.

They further observe:

“The Supreme Court struck another blow to DeLay when it ruled that portions of the map he devised were in violation of the Voting Rights Act.”

…leaving out the salient point that, for the most part, the Supreme Court’s June 2006 decision was a victory for the Delay efforts at redistricting. Loss in Texas redistricting case gives Left another chance to slam Delay

I thought the left would miss Tom Delay but I guess they’re just going to ignore the fact that he's gone away.

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