Friday, December 08, 2006


Race Through a Liberal Lens

Is it wrong to enjoy this kind of stuff, I mean. I know they mean well; just ask them...and in the politics of meaning, that's what counts (H/T BOTW)

Oh, the child will be beautiful. Sigh. Maybe the child will be a horror, like that demonic spawn from Seinfeld. Or maybe the child will simply be beautiful. Who knows. I guess it's something you say at a New York metro. cocktail party.

Or maybe, just maybe, the child will be surrounded to some meaningful extent by people who don't really give a hoot most of the time whether she is beautiful or homely, but rather whether she mostly acts like a decent human being and lives a happy life. Not likely, but possible.

My biggest point of sympathy with conservatives arises from people like these richer-than-wise liberal intoners who have taken liberal ideology so far that they have forgotten how to reason and apply common sense. To them, black people are a symbol, not people.

They don't think of black people doing what, well, people do: paying bills, putting up with family challenges, worrying about their health, spending the vast majority of their time, well, living.

Lots of black people are terrible human beings. Why? Black people are people, and people often are a disappointment. Some are great, same as Irish and Chinese. What Black people don't want is to interact with White people's head games, they deal with that enough. Nobody wants to be cast in a role in your own private SimNation psychodrama. You don't, I don't, 40 million Black Americans don't.

The fact that the foregoing common sense cannot penetrate the collective skull of a New York cocktail party makes me appreciate suburban Baltimore more.
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