Friday, December 15, 2006


Now this is a sex scandal...

Poland hasn’t even been doing this democracy thing for two decades and they are already putting us to shame when it comes to sex scandals:

“An unprecedented sex scandal has rocked Polish politics after deputies from Samoobrona, a junior partner in the governing coalition, were accused of pressurizing a woman to have sex in return for a job. If the accusations against Deputy Prime Minister and Samoobrona leader Andrzej Lepper are proved, Poland could face early elections.” Sex Scandal

The woman also accused another party deputy, Stanisław Łyżwiński, of fathering her child.

“She claimed Lyzwinski is the father of her youngest child, and now her credibility is shot. She also claimed she had sex with Lepper "between 2 and 8 times." The difference between two and eight is enormous.” DNA tests

I don’t think she likes this guy:

““She also said that Samoobrona Deputy Stanislaw Lyzwinski had a veterinarian inject her with oxytocin in order to prompt a miscarriage after he learned she was pregnant with his child.” Sex scandal deepens

But being innocent of the paternity charge wasn’t good enough for Mr. Łyżwiński…

“While Krawczyk has largely been discredited thanks to DNA tests that showed that Lyzwinski is not the father of her child, another Samoobrona party member said that Lyzwinski sexually harassed her and took advantage of her sexually.”

So…Lyzwinski dropped from Samoobrona

…and this scandal isn’t even two weeks old yet. Don’t worry, I’m staying tuned.

I am glad that post-Communist Poland has adapted so well to the realities of democratic principles. I just hope they get the pandering part just right.
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