Saturday, December 16, 2006


Like a junior high dance; boys & girls in different parts of the gym

Any organization that has one of these: An Office of Diversity and Inclusion; well, expect that organization to be pretentious and beyond parody.

…and the NCAA does not disappoint: CWA takes stance against male practice players

“The NCAA Committee on Women’s Athletics has issued a position statement calling for a ban on the use of male practice players in women’s intercollegiate athletics. The statement comes after months of debate within the governance structure and elsewhere in the membership about whether the practice should be allowed to continue.”

It’s too early for April Fool’s so I’m guessing this is an earnest effort by a group of social-engineer wannabes who probably shouldn’t be allowed access to a word processor if they’re going to put out drivel like this. (My first inclination was to write that they shouldn’t be allowed to vote but since we all know – and we just do – that they probably went at least 90% for John Kerry, I thought that might make this be seen as a partisan attack.)

This is all too much – even for Sally Jenkins:

“This week, the NCAA Committee on Women's Athletics declared it wants to disallow the use of male practice players in women's sports. Now, you might ask, how far down the list of problems in collegiate athletics do you have to go before you arrive at practice players? But the committee, that august body of small-minded functionaries, seems to think it's hugely important, so it has issued a "position statement" on the subject. There would seem to be so many other pressing questions before us, such as why doesn't anybody at the university level get fired for stupidity anymore? But the NCAA has spoken: No more stinking boys.” In Practice, a Ludicrous Declaration by the NCAA

Your tax-exempt dollars at work.

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