Thursday, December 28, 2006


Imagine-Life's Hateful Imagination

Late last night while watching a repeat of South Park on Comedy Central, I saw an ad from This is who they purport to be:

“Imagine-Life's mission is to educate the American public about underrepresented human rights violations, through various media outlets, raising awareness in order to:

*Advocate for the rights of people in need;
*Alleviate human suffering;
*Empower communities;
*Ensure American policies reflect American values, and;
*Create environments where peace can prosper.”

They are doing this because:

“Collectively, the group felt that unbalanced and often distorted U.S. media coverage of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict did not address the underlying human rights catastrophe. It was concluded that a comprehensive, media-focused educational campaign was necessary to educate the public on underrepresented human rights violations at large.”

Anyone want to guess which way they feel the media is not adequately reporting? (Hint: Danny Glover is one of their guys.)

As an example of their getting the facts out is a “Resources” page entitled “Did you know”:

“In March, 2002 alone, six Palestinian ambulance personnel were killed by IDF fire, in most cases the attacked ambulances had been cleared by IDF for passage in order to reach individuals in need of emergency care (Source: Physicians for Human Rights, 4 April 2002).

Imagine the ambulance was on its way to save you...”

Not mentioned is the background of Palestinian use of Red Crescent ambulances as bomb carriers or of the instance where the ambulance was NOT cleared and was hurrying toward Israeli forces or of the tensions prevalent as a precursor to Operation Defensive Shield. In fact, not mentioned or even alluded to at all is one mention of any kind of terrorist activity by Palestinians. It’s as if they were channeling Jimmy Carter…

…which they kind of are. Because the ad I mentioned seeing earlier plays on the Apartheid meme that our former President has championed. In fact, it intimates that South African blacks probably had it better than the Palestinians…and like Jimmy Carter, it ignores that many Palestinians don’t want peace with Israel, they want its destruction.

I got into it on DailyKos with the people supporting the Rachel Corrie Community Center in the West Bank. Even the suggestion that it was an immoral risk to one's life to lie in front of a bulldozer to protect a house was met with bitter, hateful personal attacks. Not "you are wrong" but personal about my character.

I am thinking of putting up a hard-nosed pro-Israel diary on Kos, defending it as an example of liberal values. That should not meet with any controversy, I am sure.
Bruce - should you add that to Daily Kos, please let us all know - I'd gladly link to it
Me, too.
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