Friday, December 15, 2006


A civil war NOT of our doing?

Rival Factions Exchange Gunfire in West Bank, Gaza Strip

“Rival Palestinian factions exchanged gunfire Friday in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, leaving more than 30 people wounded, as leaders from both parties warned of a violent escalation that could push the territories toward a wider civil conflict. …

“What we are seeing is the beginning of an ugly civil war," Saeb Erekat, a Fatah lawmaker, told a news conference in Ramallah.”

Coincidently? …or maybe it’s not a coincidence: Rumsfeld departs

Anyway, this is what I take out of this news about the Palestinians

1) Our presence isn’t the problem. That’s because we’re not even there. I know that won’t stop many (read: Jimmy Carter) from blaming us but at least it won’t be because of our very presence.
2) Israeli occupation isn’t the problem. In fact, the Israeli’s have put up a wall to keep the thugs out. I know that won’t stop many (read: Jimmy Carter) from blaming the Israeli’s but at least it won’t be because of the Israeli occupation..
3) This is terrorists versus terrorists. Don’t know if this helps in the recruitment of new terrorists but if it does; at least we‘re not doing the recruiting.

Perhaps Jimmy Carter will later explain which side is the apartheider and which is the apartheidee.

I won’t know what to think about this until Katie Couric tells me… This troubling evolving development simply must be the result of Rovianism and President George W. Bush. The New York Times and Katie Couric simply have not had time to explain it to us. Give ‘em time… Kevin Dayhoff
I once respected Jimmy Carter, so his descent into antisemitic tropes to explain the lack of interest in his blatherings is a source of great disappointment to me. I had once thought of Carter as a president whose stock would rise with time; no longer.

Core question: what is it about the Muslims in the Middle East that makes them less able to form a functioning, stable state with at least moderate human rights protections that differentiates them from Muslims in Mali, Turkey and Malaysia, where human rights are better protected (particularly so in Mali, despite its severe poverty.)

Why is Muslim-majority and impoverished Mali ranked as a "Free" society with broad protections for freedom of religion and of the press, but the wealthier Arab societies in the Middle East ranked so low on human rights, human freedom and corruption?
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