Monday, November 06, 2006


Which Martin O'Malley is Bill Clinton referring to??

I come back from a trip to Massachusetts and see Bill Clinton is touting his “good friend Martin O’Malley” during football games. He extols the Mayor’s “dedication to safer streets, quality schools" and the fact that Mr. O’Malley is “always pursuing middle class interests before the special interests." Clinton spot for O'Malley to air

Anyone recognize this O’Malley guy the former president is referring to?

Being the Mayor of Baltimore is a tough job and anyone in that position can hardly be held directly responsible for all the city’s woes – particularly long-standing problems like crime and failing schools…but still, they can be somewhat accountable and let’s face it - Martin O’Malley just hasn’t accomplished anything of note in the areas of safer streets and quality schools, despite his relentless pursuit of Middle Class values.

Baltimore Crime Statistics are just scary. The only one time I remember Martin O’Malley even addressing crime in the city was while announcing his choice for city Police Chief (oops, mea culpa…I guess that was more than one time…more like seven times…) And the most prominent action Mayor O’Malley has yet taken on city schools was to cajole his fellow Dems in the State Legislature to prevent the state from taking over eleven of the very worst schools in the city.

…as for Middle Class interests, puh-leez!! Is there a single “middle class” couple that has moved to Baltimore the last 4-5 years because of the safe streets and excellent educational opportunities?  I’m guessing not - if only because otherwise the O’Malley campaign would have made their poster couple.

In my section of NW Baltimore, plenty of middle class families have moved in. Of course that has less to do with city than the synagogues.
And I'd point out that there are precious few O'Malley signs in my neighborhood.
hell, I'm still in Baltimore - but it is in spite of our current Mayor's performance, not because of it.
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