Monday, November 06, 2006


Tuesday, November 7, 2006 - Please Vote!!

…and preferably – if you’re here in Maryland – for Bob Ehrlich, Michael Steele, Anne McCarthy (Comptroller) and Scott Rolle (Attorney General). Dilip Paliath (Baltimore County) and Chris Pate (Harford) for House of Delegates and David Fischer for State’s AG (Anne Arundel County) are also recommended.

Outside the Maryland, Rick Santorum (Pennsylvania) is especially recommended for return to the US Senate.

UPDATE: My brother correctly points out that I screwed up the date - which I've corrected solely for sake of posterity.

Do you know Dilip Palaith?
He's taken out an ad in an (Orthodox Jewish) community publication emphasizing that his wife is Jewish (and mentions his mother-in-law).

I was amused.
Soccer Dad -

Jewish Times too.
I don't get the Jewish Times (believe it or not.)
I met Dilip and his wife Tracey some years ago and have stayed in touch. This was his second try at elected office, unfortunately hit looks like he'll again come up shirt...

...and I don't get either the Jewish Times or that Orthodox community publication so that's probably why i missed the ads...
I did vote for those top 4, along with my local General Assembly folks (Michael James, Bonnie Luna, Lowell Stoltzfus) but aside from the unopposed Stoltzfus it didn't do much good. I hold out hope James gets enough absentees to pass the entrenched incumbent Norm Conway for 2nd place so we at least send one Republican from my district.
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