Tuesday, November 21, 2006


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O'Malley Backers Expand Wish List

“With Martin O'Malley's election as governor and the return of one-party rule to Annapolis, Maryland's liberal interest groups are reawakening to a world of possibilities.”

“Liberal interest groups” is a delightful bit of understatement. These groups listed include the Maryland Citizens' Health Initiative, Progressive Maryland, the League of Conservation Voters and, of course, Maryland’s uber special interest group - the Maryland State Teachers Association. With all the earnestness they can exude, they will tell you why their pet project is of vital importance and why they need to be an integral part of the implementation of said project. The Post alludes as to how Martin O’Malley had resisted making promises on some of these initiatives – notably the $1-a-cigarette-pack increase to fund some so-called health initiatives – but does anybody really believe that he can continue such rejections now that the elections are over?

Sigh…all I can think is…BOHICA!

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