Wednesday, November 08, 2006



I spent all day yesterday Poll Watching in a Prince Georges’ precinct that went approximately 9-1 for the Democratic ticket. The voter turnout was well in excess of anything they had seen previously. The lines were long without a break off and no matter what time you got there, a wait of an hour (at least) awaited. The doors did shut at 8PM but it still took until nearly 10PM for the last voter to complete his ballot.

Part of the problem was a lack of machines – the election board sent nine over but experienced numerous problems before being taken out of service. Another factor in the delay was the length of the ballot. In addition to the various elected offices, numerous charter amendments and bond issues awaited the voter. The average voter then spent nearly eight minutes voting on the machine. I give the voters there a lot of credit for sticking it out.

Obviously I am disappointed with the results. My frustrations are directed at the voters (i.e. - if you voted for Martin O’Malley instead of Bob Ehrlich because of Iraq, you’re a moron), the Republican congressional (lack of) leadership (a more unimpressive group we could not invent) and the President (Harriet Miers, immigration…and now Donald Rumsfeld?).

…but such comments and reflections should wait because I’m tired (I got back from the polling place at 3AM) and not in a good mood and am looking forward to few beers tonight to regroup, refresh and remind myself that no matter how bad it seems, well, …I could have been born a Frenchman.

No, Patrick, you could not have been born a Frenchman. Show some self-respect.
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