Saturday, November 25, 2006


The Democratic Party. Did I say it right?

Washington Post editorial today: What's Yours Is Mine

“…in Prince George's County, where some local politicians treat county-issued credit cards as publicly funded lines of credit, and where County Executive Jack B. Johnson flies first class or business class at taxpayers' expense. In Prince George's, several County Council members seem to think there's no reason to reach into their own pockets for haircuts, gym memberships, rental cars, office decorations, family vacations or golf outings when they can whip out their county charge cards and reimburse the public in their own good time -- or not.”

Not stopping at Jack Johnson, to their credit, the Post names names:

“…the worst offenders are council members David Harrington, Camille Exum and Thomas R. Hendershot.”

“…council member Marilynn Bland, then a school board member, charged the county for a family trip to Disney World.”

I guess space did not permit the Post from identifying the party affiliation of each of those named. Prince George's County, Maryland - Government, Legislative Branch

Probably even worse are the interest rates that the County must pay to the lenders of these funds, out of pocket. Even if the County pays off the balance monthly, the county is not a free loan service to County employees to finance recreation and entertainment not even remotely related to County business.

The interest charges paid by the county should appear on the 1040 - I guess actually, the W-2s - of the employees involved as in-kind income. I think that beyond the actual payments, fair market interest however defined should be imputed to those employees as well even after the County paid the bills, until the employees paid or should pay back in full. The attorneys on the council who took these unauthorized benefits should be investigated by the AGC. An attorney who stole a few quarters worth of street parking time from the City of Baltimore was disbarred and that attorney was not a trustee for the assets of the City at the time, I believe.
Thomas Hendershot is a dishonest racist. I have heard him make racist remarks against black people.
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