Wednesday, October 25, 2006


The Post's October Surprise

Did sunrise come from the west this morning? Is π now equal to 3.2? I cannot honestly say that I ever saw this one coming:

For Governor in Maryland -

“Our choice is Mr. Ehrlich.”

That’s right; the Washington Post endorsed Bob Ehrlich instead of Martin O’Malley. Endorsements nowadays are probably not that influential…except when they buck a known trend – then they can cause one to sit up and take notice.

This is probably worse news for the O’Malley campaign than it is good news for the Ehrlich camp. By almost any standard right of Daily Kos, the Post has to be considered a left-leaning newspaper. I mean, four years ago, the Post endorsed Kathleen Kennedy Townsend…so I guess you could use that as a bench mark as to just how pathetic a campaign the Mayor is running.

I’m going to ignore my impulse to nitpick at some of the Post’s wordings and just leave it at this: Kudos to the Post for getting this one right.

Great favor you could do for Dave Fischer if you felt up to it - give Dave Fischer's site some Conservatarian treatment. Would be great to counteract a local slanted slam against him from a Democratic house organ.
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