Monday, October 30, 2006


The Post reports, you decide

The Washington Post website – Front Page – at 5:24 PM EST, October 30, 2006

Pakistani Raid on School Kills 80

Top Islamic political leader says American planes were used, but U.S. military denies involvement.
–Associated Press 4:54 p.m. ET

And here’s how the actual story is headlined:

Militants Blame U.S. for Pakistan Strike

But here’s the opening of the story:

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan -- Pakistani helicopter gunships on Monday destroyed a religious school the military said was fronting as an al-Qaida training camp, killing 80 people in the country's deadliest military operation targeting suspected terrorists.

Strangely, no mention of U.S. involvement. And read paragraph 3: “U.S. and Pakistani military officials denied American involvement.”

So the AP is reporting that Pakistani helicopters conducted the raid but the Washington Post headline trumpets a seemingly bogus claim by the almost-never-reliable “Islamic leaders and al-Qaida-linked militants.” And the front page teaser ignores the role of Pakistani helicopters AND Pakistan’s concurrent denial of American involvement.

Meanwhile, also in today’s Washington Post, Sebastian Mallaby bemoans a current decline in trust:

The boom of the 1990s boosted trust in business; the 2001 terrorist attacks boosted trust in government. But CEOs and politicians abused these gifts with scandals and incompetence.”

…and no, I couldn’t find any mention of the press either.

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