Wednesday, October 25, 2006


In case you were wondering, the Post really, really wants Ben Cardin

For a good example at just why current campaign finance rules should be thrown out, read today’s Washington Post PAGE ONE story on Ben Cardin: A Sense of Service Sustained by Family, Faith

This is nothing more than an unpaid political ad; were someone to try and place a similar piece on Michael Steele, the cost would be prohibitive and probably illegal.

This, of course, is why the big media supports the suppression of political speech a la McCain Feingold. It gives them more power in dictating our choices to us.

This morning Sean and Frank played some clips from the Cardin/Steele/Zeese debate. I don't know how representative it was of the debate, but one snippet that caught my attention was Steele skewering Cardin over his knowledge of the Purple Line.

I'm wondering if dissing the DC suburbs is hazardous to one's political health.
I hereby admit that the Conservatarian's comeback to me re: Cardin on the Purple Line was spot on, though hardly Cardin's biggest piece of apparent stupidity. I skewered Michael Steele for ducking the NAACP, so I must skewer the allegedly smart Ben Cardin for doing the same.
Soccer Dad is exactly right on the effects of McCain/Feingold.

Even with the Post weighing in regularly and unfairly for Little Ben, I think Steele has a good chance to take this thing, and that I would argue would be a very, very good thing, both for the Republican Party and for the country.
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