Wednesday, September 13, 2006


William Donald Schaefer

With the end in sight, a few words on William Donald Schaefer are appropriate.

Despite the verbage of many of the ideologues now running the Democratic Party, the Mayor was a long time and loyal member of his party. Forty years ago, statewide elections of Republicans in Maryland were not the political equivalents of Haley’s Comet. I believe the efforts of the likes of Mr. Schaefer (and Marvin Mandel) are the reasons the Democrats now hold the state in a virtual headlock. As a conservative (and thus, by default, a Republican), I do not think that‘s a good thing. But unlike, say, Parris Glendening, I never once doubted that the Mayor always had Maryland’s best interest at heart. The prospect of Peter Franchot as our next Comptroller only heightens my disappointment at Mr. Schaefer’s defeat.

I couldn't agree with you more. After hearing the news of Franchot's apparent victory, I am left quite stunned and crestfallen. I mean, really, who the HELL is this GUY???

It is going to take at LEAST two years for Peter to figure out the comptroller's office let alone make informed decisions about Maryland State fiscal policy.
Gansler and Franchot?
I can only hope that for normal folks Franchot is too much of a nutcase to vote for and he could only win with the crazy left Democratic base.
At least Mandel doing penance and trying to help out Ehrlich.
(This is the first time in how long that Maryland won't have a comptroller who's older than 70.)
My biggest problem with Franchot is not his leftward politics (I might or might not have a problem there, depending on the issue) but that no one has convinced me why his hand on the state fiscal arm will be administratively competent.

Does he know how to contribute to the budget and approval work on the Board of Public Works? Does he understand the mechanics of fiscal collection and processing? Did he get better than a B- in Econ? Can he count change in a U.S. cash register?

I know he is a Democrat, very liberal and Takoma Park. 20,000 other Takoma Park residents can say the same. Why was he the best of them? Tight-a%% taxpayers want to know....
I can't get over how many endorseements from special interest groups he got (AFL-CIO, Teachers etc.) - it's not supposed to be a real policy position
I'm trying to tap into discussion, posts, etc., of Peter Franchot, the Takoma Park gasbag who seems to have started running for governor the day after he was elected comptroller.

I need to e-mail the webmaster at the comptroller's website and see if there a way to display without all the photos of Franchot kissing babies, etc.

Does he have no shame? (Dumb question.)
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