Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Maryland Politics: Some Comments

Although the results are not final, the Maryland party of opportunity and inclusion has apparently favored Ben Cardin over Kweisi Mfume; Doug Gansler over Stuart Simms; and Peter Franchot over Janet Owens. It will now focus a significant amount of its resources and energy to defeat Michael Steele and Anne McCarthy. After that, perhaps a statewide party to “celebrate diversity”?    

A show of hands, please: who here thinks that if recent political history instead showed the road to the White House went through the U.S. Senate (vice a Governor’s mansion), Martin O’Malley would still be running to be our next governor?

A few years ago, Baltimore City, in an impressive move to make itself even more irrelevant statewide, elected Lisa Gladden over long-time State Senator Barbara Hoffman thus ridding itself of one of Baltimore’s most forceful and powerful voices in Annapolis. The slide toward political impotence continues as the DC suburbs wrest most of the key statewide Democratic nominations. Even the one notable exception, Martin O’Malley, is Dc-area raised and educated (Gonzaga High School and Catholic University) and his running mate is from PG County.

Apparently the three political jurisdictions with the most problems in yesterday’s election were Montgomery County, Baltimore City and Prince George’s County. Election Board Workers' Error Hinders Voting Maybe we’ll just have to ship in election officials from the Eastern Shore or Garrett County to properly train their mistake-prone counterparts before the November elections.

Excellent observations - unfortunately, I don't think the radical liberal masses of Baltimore City will ever quite get it until its too late. Isn't it convenient that for all of the problems in the Baltimore region that the populace still routinely fails to get rid of the incumbents, who have some, if not all of the responsibility for making things better?

And for the Record: There is not a single Office Holder in baltimore that doesn't have a (D) after his or her name. Not one. Some call it a Democrat power house. I call it liberals run amok.
thanks cynic - how come you stopped posting at your own site?
To answer the question: I didn't have as many compelling reasons to after the power crisis. But I do now - just posted on the election. Check it out if you like - I suspect NO'Malley's going to have me ranting at length for the next few weeks.
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