Friday, September 01, 2006


Kofi Annan: UN Idol

TV executives looking to counter program reality TV may want to consider going with a total lack of reality – in other words, give UN head Kofi Annan his own show. Today’s episode: Annan: Syria to Enforce Arms Embargo

U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan said Friday that Syria has pledged to step up border patrols and work with the Lebanese army to stop the flow of weapons to Hezbollah.”

Obviously, Mr. Annan remains the master negotiator: it’s a real coup to get the Syrians to agree to border patrols to keep the Syrians from CONTINUING to arm Hezbollah. I predict references to this arrangement will soon replace the old cliché about the fox guarding the hen house.

Side Note: when did it become the norm that land lost as a result of war – especially a war the losing nation initiated – is, in fact, not recognized as lost?

“As for the Israeli soldiers, Assad said he supported their release, but raised the question of the release of 16 Syrians detained on the Golan Heights for opposing the Israeli occupation of that Syrian territory.”

For the record, Syria held that territory as Syria for all of some 21 years. Israel has held it since 1967 (and, if you'll recall, that was a year of some significance) and annexed it in 1981 – meaning it’s been part of Israel longer than it was ever part of an independent Syria.

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