Thursday, September 28, 2006


The intellectually hefty James Wolcott?

Don’t even know why I clicked on it but I found myself reading The New Daddy Wars? - On Balance over at the Washington Post. The author, Rebeldad Brian Reid is reacting to a new cover story on the so-called “Mommy Wars” (TNR - Meow Mix) over at The New Republic. Although the TNR piece has a subscription-only availability, Rebeldad did include the opening paragraph (also available at the TNR link)…in which you learn that James Wolcott is not a father and apparently doesn’t think fatherhood looks like a lot of fun. Maybe Rebeldad was just being respectful but still, this is a phrase that screams oxymoron:

“But despite the intellectual heft of the piece, by James Wolcott,…”

As a Nerf ball probably has more intellectual heft than anything James Wolcott has ever written, I’m going to give Rebeldad the benefit of the doubt and conclude he was reaching for irony with that line.

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