Friday, September 08, 2006


Hundreds of Thousands DON'T Rally...

It seems like just yesterday: Rally May Gauge Future of Immigration Movement

“Immigration activists plan to mass in front of the Capitol today, renewing their appeal for legislative reform as Congress reconvenes…”
“Local organizers said they expect hundreds of thousands of demonstrators from the East Coast…”

Actually, that was yesterday – from the front page of the Post’s B-section – an article on the run-up to what was supposed to be a massive pro-illegal immigration rally yesterday afternoon.

So what kind of gauge did it provide for the future?

Well you kind of got a hint that maybe things weren’t going that well when the Post’s web site carried nothing in the way of updates yesterday…and sure enough, this morning, splashed all over Page A-6: Immigration Rally's Low Turnout Disappoints Advocates

“A pro-immigration rally that promised to bring tens of thousands of marchers from across the nation to Washington yesterday managed to draw only a paltry number of demonstrators, raising questions about the movement's tactics and staying power.
“With fewer than 5,000 people attending…”

Look for appeasing illegal immigrants & their apologists to suddenly be off a lot of politicians’ agendas the next few months.

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