Thursday, August 03, 2006


Union speaks; Democrats jump

Few subjects get my cynical side flared up as much as organized labor. As the Senate prepares to vote on a bill that would raise the minimum wage but also permanently cut estate taxes, the AFL-CIO weighs in:

“For years, organized labor has worked hard to raise the minimum wage, while business groups have campaigned to block such a change. This week in the Senate, however, the AFL-CIO is pushing to kill the wage increase while practically the entire business lobby is demanding that it pass.” An Estate Tax Twist Reverses Party Roles On Minimum Wage

The labor group solemnly assures that:

“…Labor officials say that their opposition is a matter of economic and social justice. They also say that reduced revenue from estate tax relief could lead to cuts in federal programs for the poor, such as food stamps.
"We don't think minimum-wage workers should have to wait for millionaires to get another tax cut before they receive a long-overdue pay increase," said Bill Samuel, the AFL-CIO's legislative director.”

Just to be catty, I’ll point out that in order for most of today’s millionaires to get the tax cut, they have to die…which is probably still too small a price to pay for the class warfare-ists on the left. I’ll also express my skepticism that organized labor really gives a damn about the non-unionists that make up the bulk of minimum wage earners. Instead I’ll just point that when unskilled labor costs – $ x – then surely the skilled laborites in the unions must be worth - $ x+1.

And no, I’m not even moved by their fear of a cut in government food programs. After all, the hidden tax on all of us is the moronic Davis-Bacon Act rule that requires prevailing wages paid on federal construction projects. Prevailing wages = Union wages = Inflated wages.

I’ve previously expressed my negative thoughts on this bill ( Legislatively vetoing the Law of Supply & Demand) which means I’m technically on the same side as the AFL-CIO on this one Senate vote. You can understand my discomfort at not having that more fully explained.

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