Monday, August 07, 2006


Is he dead yet?

The Fidel Castro watch continues.

“Cuba's vice president said Sunday Fidel Castro would return to work in a few weeks after intestinal surgery that forced him to hand over power temporarily to his younger brother.” Cuba: Castro to Return in a Few Weeks

Why do they even have a Vice President if he isn’t going to replace the President at a time like this?

The Washington Post has background information on the story:

“Cuban President Fidel Castro, a nemesis of the U. S. government for more than four decades, temporarily relinquished power July 31, saying he had undergone intestinal surgery.”

Well, beginning with the thousands of Cuban refugees, I think you could expand the populace of just who considered him a ”nemesis”, perhaps even replacing that with a stronger word. Of course, any such expansion would not include the clueless but supposedly educated citizenry populating the greater Madison, WI area.

I can't stand communist chic. The conservative in me wants to smack those who wear communist symbols to look cool, especially when I see the "cool kids" wearing communist gear, paid for probably by Dad's capitalist salary.

100,000 Che Guevara T-Shirts and not one of Lech Walesa on the college campuses. But I guess Walesa was just too married, too responsible, too dowdy, too Catholic, too anti-Communist and too Polish to be cool. [/rant>

Hope you are doing well. BTW I found a good tool -, makes it easy (poet-easy) for a blogger to RSS a few of his favorite sites for free. Might be of interest to other members of the Alliance also.
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