Friday, August 25, 2006


The French to the rescue

Was it something I said? (Just try saying "French leadership" with a straight face.) Today we learn that France Sets Big Force for Lebanon (although I think the Post is being a little carefree with the term “Big Force”…but we’re talking about France so I guess it’s all relative)

“French President Jacques Chirac said Thursday that France would commit 2,000 troops to a new international peacekeeping force in southern Lebanon.”

Charles Krauthammer has (as usual) a perceptive column today which touches on this matter:

“The State Department acquiesced to a far weaker resolution on the quite reasonable grounds that since France was going to lead and be the major participant in the international force, we should not be dictating the terms under which the force would operate.

But we underestimated French perfidy. (Overestimating it is mathematically impossible.) The Perils Of Using 'The Allies'

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