Monday, July 24, 2006


Why Tyre?

Stories coming out of Tyre are indeed tragic as Anthony Shadid's piece in today’s Washington Post makes clear. What it doesn’t make clear – in fact, doesn’t even attempt to make clear – is the context of the attacks on Tyre.

“Are there any armed men here? Is there any resistance here?" asked Ali Najm, a physician helping to treat the injured in Tyre.”

Reading this article, it would be easy to forget that Tyre was not just some misfortunate city chosen at random to bear the brunt of Israel’s wrath.

“But this town is also the gateway to Hezbollah country, where Hezbollah controls everything from local administration and schools to security. Hezbollah has its footprint everywhere here, from its signature yellow banners to portraits celebrating fallen martyrs (sic).” Bombings Bring Season of Fear to Seaside Resort

Nor has Israel not warned the citizens of Tyre what was coming:

“Many residents, acting on Israeli warnings in leaflets dropped over the area, gave up their stand Monday (July 17) and decided to brave the drive. A line of cars packed with families and piled with bags was seemingly endless on the mountain passes leading out of here. "

Instead, Mr. Shadid provides only the slightest hint at why Israel was targeting Tyre

“The signal of Hezbollah's radio station, al-Nur, was jammed by Israel, which repeated its own message. “Know that the state of Israel will continue its campaign with force and determination with the goal of ending the terrorist work coming from Lebanese land," the voice said. The message ridiculed Hezbollah's leader, saying he was hiding in a cave. "Where is Hasan Nasrallah?" the voice taunted.”

As usual, there’s more to the story than we’re reading.

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