Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Dog-Bites-Man: Maryland teachers endorse O'Malley

Update as to who gets the Maryland State Teachers Association’s gubernatorial endorsement.

The suspense is over and Martin O’Malley is their pick: Maryland's Largest Teacher Union Endorses O'Malley

At the announcement, his take on the recent report that has 6 Baltimore schools labeled "persistently dangerous" was not discussed. (h/t Soccer Dad)

So, what took so long to get the endorsement?

“Baltimore Mayor O'Malley was not endorsed by the 65,000-member Maryland State Teachers Association when it made most of its recommendations in May. That's because he did not get the required 58 percent support of the union's endorsement council.”

But now:

“With Duncan's departure, Kaufman said, the endorsement was an easy pick.”

Yeah, I guess so especially since:

“Governor Ehrlich did not participate in the union's selection process, which included a written set of questions and an interview.”

Meaning either he wasn’t asked to participate or the Governor knows a waste of time when he sees it.

Also, showing their political considerations run the entire gamut of far left to much further left:

“In other statewide races, MSTA tapped former Rep. Kweisi Mfume, a Democrat, for U.S. Senate. Democratic Delegate Peter Franchot was endorsed for comptroller, and Democratic Montgomery County Councilman Thomas Perez was endorsed for attorney general.”

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