Monday, May 08, 2006


Curran to quit!!

This is good news!! Curran decides to call it quits

Attorney General Curran has been around forever and, as his father-in-law, can be said to be at least partially responsible for Martin O’Malley being our mayor. So no tears over at this site on the occasion of this retirement.

As befits his liberal icon status, the Sun fawns all over him:

“Still, Curran, a soft-spoken man who has taken groundbreaking social stances over his career, such as … opposing the Vietnam War,…..”

Opposing the Vietnam War was “Groundbreaking”? In 1968??

“Others praised Curran - a devout Roman Catholic who learned the business of big-city politics from his father, a Baltimore councilman - for being among the last of a generation of thoughtful liberals not afraid of the label.”

Courageously, in 1967, this thoughtful liberal Democratic “devout Roman Catholic”:

“…. reconsidered his position on abortion and broke with his church. In 1968, his committee passed a bill liberalizing abortion laws. A decade later, Curran voted for Medicaid funding for abortions…” (emphasis added)

I mean, nobody was doing that kind of stuff in the Democratic Party - what a groundbreaker!

As good news as his retirement is, however, some of the names being bandied about as his replacement are not; notably Doug Gansler (whose penchant for publicity in his role as State’s Attorney for Montgomery County is Eliot Spitzer-like) and Tom Perez, a Montgomery County Councilman and Maryland Law professor. Curran's would-be successors can get going . Mr. Gansler would become a state-wide fixture on TV and radio while Mr. Perez would probably ensure Maryland did not cooperate with any enforcement of US immigration laws. Maryland Conservatarian: The immigration issue in Maryland

Did the Sun acknowledge that in 1994 it endorsed Dick Bennett over Curran?
wow - good memory - was that the sun's token republican or was there an underlying any rate, it wasn't mentioned.
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