Saturday, April 29, 2006


Dog-bites-man Iraq protests

Saturday saw a New York protest against the US involvement in Iraq – attended by the usual suspects: Cindy Sheehan, Susan Sarandon and the Rev. Jesse Jackson. Thousands in NYC March Against Iraq War. Reads like they really brought a fresh perspective to the Iraq debate.

Oh and one other person was there:

"We are here today because the war is illegal, immoral and unethical," said the Rev. Al Sharpton.”

Al Sharpton is lecturing us on what’s illegal and immoral and unethical??

Two words: Tawana Bradley.

And Sharpton is a scheduled speaker today at the rally against genocide in Darfur.
...wherever two or more microphones are gathered.
We left when he started to speak. But he's a rock star. Based on the crowd reactions he was, by far, the most electrifying speaker.
The really sad irony is that I wouldn't be surprised if the majority of those in the crowd were Jewish. It's like the Crown Heights riots or Freddy's Fashion Mart never happened.
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