Friday, March 24, 2006


Senator Clinton speaks out on immigration....again

Remember this? Hillary goes conservative on immigration.

“In an interview last month on Fox News, Mrs. Clinton said she does not "think that we have protected our borders or our ports or provided our first responders with the resources they need, so we can do more and we can do better."”

“In an interview on WABC radio, she said: "I am, you know, adamantly against illegal immigrants." "Clearly, we have to make some tough decisions as a country, and one of them ought to be coming up with a much better entry-and-exit system so that if we're going to let people in for the work that otherwise would not be done, let's have a system that keeps track of them," she said.”

And this:

“Unlike many pro-business Republicans, Mrs. Clinton also has castigated Americans for hiring illegal aliens. "People have to stop employing illegal immigrants," she said. "I mean, come up to Westchester, go to Suffolk and Nassau counties, stand on the street corners in Brooklyn or the Bronx. You're going to see loads of people waiting to get picked up to go do yard work and construction work and domestic work."”

That was December 2004, shortly after President Bush won re-election with a campaign in which he championed a guest worker program. This presented an excellent opportunity to establish some centrist street cred by getting to the right of the President on this issue

Well, that was then, this is now. Earlier this month she opined:

“… some Republicans are trying to create a "police state" to round up illegal immigrantsSen. Clinton slams GOP immigration bill -

And in case we didn't get the message that Republicans are evil:

“And after weeks of sitting on the sidelines, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) jumped into the immigration debate Wednesday. She declared that Republican efforts to criminalize undocumented workers and their support networks "would literally criminalize the good Samaritan and probably even Jesus himself."” Immigration Debate Is Shaped by '08 Election (and isn’t that a handy quote to remember the next time you hear someone lambaste Republicans for interjecting religion into politics)

With the Republicans dismayingly all over the spectrum on this issue, Senator Clinton no doubt feels she can retreat from her earlier hard-line rhetoric to a more lefty pleasant message. And, if I wasn’t busted in all my NCAA pools, I’d be betting her latest tough talk has been thoroughly focus-group tested to do just that. Ignoring the fact that she is simply wrong on the issue of criminalization of “good Samaritans’ and Jesus, “undocumented workers” is just a PC term for illegals….and she’s already told us she is “adamantly” against them. What "tough decisions as a country" is she proposing we make?

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