Friday, March 03, 2006


Hollywood has a conscience...just ask them

Compare and Contrast. Mark Steyn is disdainful of much of the Academy Award’s Best Picture nominees this year and lays out his case in his usual entertaining way. Clooney Tunes

Meanwhile, David Ignatius at the Washington Post sees this year’s crop of Best Picture nominees more thoughtfully – seeing them as a “journey inward.” Hollywood's Wars…no, I don’t know what he’s talking about either. His entire column seems designed to better reflect his deeper, introspective self which, I guess, doesn’t fully come through in his normal political punditry. For example:

“And Steven Spielberg's brave portrait of disoriented Israeli hit men showed us how anti-terrorist wars of revenge can peel back against themselves.”

…showing us, mind you, even if it wasn’t exactly what happened in the real life incidents being portrayed.

Update: Charles Krauthammer is also writing on this same subject. Oscars for Osama

Are you going to bring Krauthammer in too?
yeah, I just read his column & will add it.
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