Thursday, March 23, 2006


Duncan v. O'Malley

Thanks to Soccer Dad for clueing me into this little tidbit: The Hedgehog Report » MD: Duncan Barely Ahead In Montgomery County. It reports:

Doug Duncan 41%
Martin O’Malley 35%

Without going into who did the poll and why (one poster suggested it was so-called environmentalists) let me spin this: This is as good as it gets for Martin O’Malley. The Montgomery County voters know Doug Duncan but they don’t know Martin O’Malley. Getting to better know Mr. O’Malley and his record will not be to Mr. O’Malley’s benefit.

Further, I think this highlights that Maryland Democrats will not be going to the polls to vote for governor with the same enthusiasm that Maryland Republicans will. Mr. Duncan is the front runner where he is best known…but barely. Mr. O’Malley leads the race in his strongholds but is missing out on the endorsements of many key Democrats from the same.

I think the 2006 Maryland Republicans will be among the most energized in the nation and I remain cautiously optimistic for my state in November.

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