Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Blind Squirrels in Washington

Something about inside Washington analyzing whether the President is responding to inside Washington…I dunno - Andrew Card was there for five years; it strikes me that this is more a calling for rain every day and one day you’re right.

Card's Departure Seen as a Sign President Hears Words of Critics

There may well be other high level moves. That kind of stuff happens. Doesn’t mean it’s all in response to Washington punditry.

One aside:

“He did not invite a well-known figure from the other party into his fold, as Bill Clinton did when he recruited commentator David Gergen to help right a stumbling presidency in 1993.” (emphasis added)

David Gergen? He’s like a crasher at a party hosted by a liberal and conservative – both of whom will eventually look at each other and say “I thought he was with you”.

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