Friday, February 17, 2006


The Sun goes down....

The 4th Circuit ruled Wednesday that it was OK for Maryland Governor Bob Ehrlich to put the kibosh on Executive Department and Agencies’ employees talking to certain Baltimore Sun writers.

Ehrlich Upheld in Sun Dispute

(Ed. Note: The article isn’t quite accurate when it refers to the two writers as “Baltimore Sun journalists” because one of them, Mr. Olesker, is no longer a Sun employee. Turns out some of his work…..wasn’t HIS work)

The Sun’s reaction:
“Tim Franklin, the newspaper's editor, issued a statement yesterday saying the Sun will not attempt any further appeals in the case.
"We are obviously disappointed in the Fourth Circuit's ruling," he said. "We still believe in the First Amendment principles that led to our appeal, as do the other newspapers, CNN and the many press associations that supported us." “
Well, if they “still believe in the First Amendment principles that led to [their] appeal”, why not continue appealing?
“Franklin said the decision not to appeal was made in part because he did not want the case to be a continuing source of tension during an election year.”
Allow me to translate: This is a gubernatorial election year in Maryland. Governor Ehrlich is running for re-election. Baltimore mayor and Baltimore Sun-favorite Martin O’Malley is an announced (and the current poll-leading) candidate for the Democratic nomination. Much to our consternation, the Governor’s ban has not been at all politically harmful to him and we are fearful that continuing our fight may end up helping him. Accordingly, as important as we profess the First Amendment to be, it must be subservient to our efforts to get rid of Bob Ehrlich and get Martin O’Malley ensconced as our next governor.  
Baltimore-based Soccer Dad has been following this story and provides some useful links.

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