Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Is the Washington Post in bed with the GOP?

The Washington Post exposes an embarrassment of riches that are their sources within the Republican Party.

Cheney's Response A Concern In GOP

These are their “several prominent Republicans” sources: Vin Weber “a former Republican congressman from Minnesota”; Robert H. Michel, “former House Republican leader from Illinois” and Marlin Fitzwater, “a former Republican White House spokesman”. What? The receptionist at the RNC couldn’t be reached?

This is such a non-story. With the exception of Harry Whittington, nobody feels worse about this accident then Mr. Cheney. By all accounts, he has expressed his concern and remorse to Mr. Whittington. For what purpose, then, would a public apology serve (I mean, besides the obvious that many in the press want one) that private communication hasn’t already addressed?

Ah, but by plastering the front pages with irrelevancies about this non-story, they can cover more substantive stories like this and this and this without anyone paying any real attention to them.
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