Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Comments on Maryland elections

Maryland-based blogger Soccer Dad has a good take on part of an on-going election process “debate” here in Maryland. But it wouldn’t be any fun if we just all agreed so I’m going to take issue with his call for an open primary (voters can vote in either primary).

Couldn’t disagree more!

Republicans should choose Republicans and Democrats choose Democrats. I know that in much of Maryland, the primary is tantamount to the general election due to Maryland’s overwhelming Democratic presence. Tough!. Either we register as Dems or we improve on the Republican picture here.

Primaries should produce candidates that at least nominally reflect the party’s choice. Otherwise, this year I’d be pushing Republicans everywhere to vote for Kwesei Mfume in the Senate primary.….for obvious reasons, he is a much preferred opposition candidate than Congressman Ben Cardin. Of course, similar tactics could work against us. And I don’t think this proposal would do too much to bring Indies into the fold as I’ve long suspected that many registered Indies are so as a kind of weenie way out of voting in the primaries. They probably wouldn’t appreciate our kicking that legit barrier down.

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