Thursday, February 23, 2006


Bob Shrum knows incompetence when he sees it

Bob Shrum has laid down a rant over at the Hardball site, predictably tearing into the Bush administration for a variety of sins. He does nothing to dispel his reputation as a partisan hack as he decries what he perceives as ” the implacable incompetence of a Bush Administration that no longer seems to get anything right.”

He concludes that:

“Bush is waist deep in New York Harbor; you just know there’s another wave, another mistake, heading his way. And the Republicans, try as they might to escape the ineluctable tides of Bush’s incompetence, are likely to be hit full force in the 2006 election.”

This from a man who was prominently on the losing side of the last two presidential elections to run his overall presidential campaign record to 0-8.

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