Saturday, January 21, 2006


Help for the socially-conscious rich

Jon Cardin, a Maryland House of Delegates Democrat from Baltimore County, reports that among his legislative initiatives for this session is the following:

HOV Lanes for Hybrid Cars – Yet another incentive to reduce our dependence on oil and decrease environment pollution. It works in Virginia, it should work here. “

I recognize that hybrids have become status symbols in leftists’ circles. But do they deserve this kind of special treatment? Jon says that it works in Virginia but that’s based on what? That satisfaction reported by hybrid owners as they race by the less-fortunate inching along in their Chevy Cobalts? Maryland had already previously offered tax credits to those wealthy enough to afford these pricey vehicle alternatives (that’s right, just another tax cut for the rich). Here are some other special breaks we provide these rich people.

Hybrid Center

Would it surprise you to know that the final verdict on the hybrids efficacy is not yet settled?

The Hybrid Hoax


Now I may be more amenable to these special breaks if these cars were actually being built here in Maryland. Maybe some legislative actions (or inactions) that could attract businesses to Maryland….?

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